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Run Canada Podcast

May 18, 2024

Many things make our local run communities amazing, but one of those things that has the power to take it up a notch is a fantastic local run shop. Caroline Fisher, co-owner of Big Sky Running Company in Winnipeg, was hooked on running as a teenager when she first logged miles with her mother and her run group at Running Room. It inspired her to reach for big goals early on, running her first marathon as a teenager and then joining the Bisons track team at the University of Manitoba. She continued to develop as a runner, became a mom twice over, and has now shown her skills as an ultra trail runner. She even placed third at the Manitoba Marathon last year, with her home crowd cheering her on. As Big Sky recently celebrated its first birthday, Caroline talked about her huge love for the run community and some of the trials and triumphs of being a small business owner. 

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Photo credit: @therunningkat


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