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Run Canada Podcast

May 25, 2024

Eric Chéné has loved sports, both playing them and watching them, basically forever. He has spent his adult years working his way through various sports logistics jobs, which grew his skill set to land him in the job he's had for the last decade: Race Director of the Vancouver International Marathon Society, host of the BMO Vancouver Marathon. Eric is at the epicentre of Canada's largest running boom in decades. This was evidenced on May 7th: the BMO Vancouver Marathon hosted over 20,000 runners, a great many of which were running their first ever half and full marathons. Eric and I dig into the awesome things about welcoming all of these new, enthusiastic runners, but also what challenges they bring to a race of this size. I hope our digging into some of the details that make a race like this happen highlights for you how much care and attention go into all of the details that work together to keep every runner safe and happy on race day. It's an awesome time to be a member of the run community!

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