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Run Canada Podcast

Jul 30, 2021

For episode three of our Meet your Sheroes series, presented by the ASICS Runkeeper App, I had the opportunity to chat with the incredible Lyndsay Tessier. My co-hosts are Eugenie Steyn and Madison Kerr-Wong. Eugenie is a fellow marathon runner and teacher in the GTA who normally just gets joy from waving at Lyndsay when she catches her out for a run. Madison had the good fortune of being coached by Lyndsay and had her support during a particularly challenging time with her running. We got her take on how she focuses her life with her dual tracks of teaching and running, how she found her way through the pandemic, and what moments of self-care looked like. Lyndsay had a ton of amazing advice, including on recovery from disappointments. To unlock a lifetime of running like Eugenie and Maddy, download the Runkeeper App today.